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Beef Up Your Soups with Bone Broth

stock pot with bone broth on a cutting board; carrots and parsley lay on the surface beside the pot.

Next time you’re making soup, stew or chili, one simple ingredient can transform your masterpiece into a powerhouse of flavor and nutrients: bone broth. By substituting equal amounts of bone broth for regular broth or stock, you enjoy a delicious dose of benefits.

  1. Vitamins A and K, selenium, and zinc to support the immune system
  2. Reduced inflammation and improved gut health
  3. Amino acids and iron to help build bones, muscles, and more restful sleep
  4. Essential collagen to strengthen joints and connective tissues
  5. Vital electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  6. Nourishment and fullness that supports healthy weight loss

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