Peel in for Peaches

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Harriett Belue

The wait is over! Belue Farms fresh peaches have arrived and are available at Belue Farms Natural Foods Market from now until early September. Despite a cold winter, our peach crop has been exceptionally sweet, juicy and flavorful this year. We’ve also added several new varieties, so be sure to check out our peach calendar.

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The Great Pumpkin

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Harriett Belue

How exciting it is to pick out just the right pumpkins each year. In October, we look forward to carving spooky designs, and throughout autumn, pumpkins create cheery arrangements to greet guests at the front door. But did you know pumpkins provide a great source of fiber as well as vitamins A, B-6, C and E, riboflavin, niacin, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and iron?

Traditionally associated with pumpkin pie, pumpkin can be used in smoothies, soups, breads, cheesecakes, pasta, butters, beer, plus pumpkins fries and chips. And don't forget the seeds! Just rinse, season and spread them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for about seven minutes until lightly toasted and crisp. You can also puree pumpkin fruit and freeze it in ice cube trays. Then, just drop a cube in your favorite recipes. That way, while the Great Pumpkin won't make his appearance until next fall, you can enjoy his company for months to come.

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New Name, New Logo, New Signs

Posted on June 29, 2015 by Dawn Griffin

When you stop by Belue Farms this summer, you’ll notice a few surprising changes. Our store on Parris Bridge Road recently received a mini-makeover, as well as a new name and logo: Belue Farms Natural Foods Market. This new name emphasizes our focus on healthy, whole and organic products, and our commitment to providing the freshest local and seasonal foods available. Stop by and check out our new look. If our bright green exterior catches your eye, just wait until you see what’s inside!

New School Coming to our Backyard

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Harriett Belue

By now, you may have heard about the new Parris Bridge Road elementary school being built along the south side of Belue Farms’ pasture. With an estimated school opening in August 2016 and construction beginning in April, some have asked whether our farm and store will remain open (YES!) and how we’ve been involved. So, we wanted to provide an update “straight from the farm.”

Over the years, we’ve been approached often to sell part of our property, but preferred to wait for an opportunity that would also benefit Boiling Springs which we’ve called home since 1965. Thus the need for land to expand our schools seemed the perfect fit. While the sale of the school site was finalized recently, the transaction began before our founder and father James Belue passed away in September 2014. Our dad had a passion for education, and sadly, won’t be able to see the school open. However, we’re grateful that the land which served as the heart of his operation for 50 years will now further young minds.

We want to reassure you that our business will maintain normal operating hours throughout construction, and we’ll continue to grow crops and pasture cows in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties. Our store, buildings and equipment will remain in the same location after the school opens. While there’s occasional traffic due to Parris Bridge Road amendments (including new turn lanes), we’re open every day, Monday through Saturday. And when our road is finished, it promises to be the nicest one in the county! Be sure to drop by for a peek at the changes, and thanks for your patience and continued support.

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Going gluten-free

Posted on June 07, 2014 by Harriett Belue

Have you noticed lately that everyone's talking about eating "gluten-free"? And wondered, what all the fuss is about? I learned about going "gluten-free" several years ago when my doctor encouraged me to leave gluten out of my diet and see if I felt better. After three weeks, I realized how much lighter I felt and how much easier I could digest food. In fact, I didn't realize how bad I had been feeling until the gluten was removed. When I tried reintroducing wheat (gluten), I had a headache within two hours and a sinking, heavy feeling in my gut. That was the proof in the pudding for me, and I have been gluten-free ever since. I used to travel to NC to buy five to six loaves of Sami's Gluten-free bread at a time until recently when we started carrying it in our store. If you want to experiment with a gluten-free diet, stop by and buy some bread to get the "gluten" out of your diet. Maybe you will feel better too.

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Almost time for peaches!

Posted on June 04, 2014 by Harriett Belue

Belue Farms fresh peaches are coming in now, and despite a cold winter, this year’s peach crop looks to be sweet, juicy and exceptionally flavorful. Our first peach varieties include Flavorich, June Gold and Ruby Prince followed by many freestone varieties in July. We’ll have peaches until early September, so get yours while they last.

Life on the farm

Posted on June 01, 2014 by Harriett Belue

Never a dull moment when you operate a farm! With summer nipping at our heels, we’re busy tending our tomatoes, vegetables and sweet corn, all of which will available at our store, Belue Farms Natural Food Market. As strawberry season ended in May, peaches started appearing on our shelves the first week of June. We’re monitoring peaches daily to assure a hearty harvest and will start shipping them in early July. Our Angus cows remain well-tended, and even though our region has experienced a drought, are still finding grass to graze upon. We have plenty of beef cuts at the Market, so be sure to stop by!

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