Going gluten-free

Posted on June 07, 2014 by Harriett Belue

Have you noticed lately that everyone's talking about eating "gluten-free"? And wondered, what all the fuss is about? I learned about going "gluten-free" several years ago when my doctor encouraged me to leave gluten out of my diet and see if I felt better. After three weeks, I realized how much lighter I felt and how much easier I could digest food. In fact, I didn't realize how bad I had been feeling until the gluten was removed. When I tried reintroducing wheat (gluten), I had a headache within two hours and a sinking, heavy feeling in my gut. That was the proof in the pudding for me, and I have been gluten-free ever since. I used to travel to NC to buy five to six loaves of Sami's Gluten-free bread at a time until recently when we started carrying it in our store. If you want to experiment with a gluten-free diet, stop by and buy some bread to get the "gluten" out of your diet. Maybe you will feel better too.

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