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Throughout the history of our store and family farm, having a close rapport with customers has been paramount to our success. We love hearing from customers about our products, our staff, our mission, and ways we can improve. Feel free to write a review or leave a review on Google. Reviews are monitored and rotated regularly, so you know your voice will be heard.

If you have a problem with an item purchased at our store, please feel free to contact our store directly at 864-578-0446 or send a message to

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Natasha AmmonsNatasha Ammons
02:51 14 Sep 23
Absolutely love this store
Cristina DzhCristina Dzh
12:56 11 Sep 23
I love this market, especially if you need some kind of supplement or of your kid has a sore throat, ear ache.. they have a variety of natural remedies!
Daniel MessickDaniel Messick
02:42 07 Sep 23
Nice local farm market, fresh produce and local meats.
Just A Happy FairyJust A Happy Fairy
15:44 06 Sep 23
Mingii BryantMingii Bryant
22:41 26 Aug 23
We love this place ❤️ You definitely have to stop by and check out all the wonderful organic products they sell!!
Melanie PruettMelanie Pruett
03:20 02 Aug 23
What a wonderful hidden gem! I drive by here multiple times a day and for years never stopped in. I love the fresh produce, homeopathic options, ice cream, fresh cheese, raw milk and most of all, the wonderful staff! I’m always greeted by such friendly and helpful employees that make me want to return. You can guarantee you will find more than you are looking for and people that care! I love buying local and would highly recommend!
Andrew GeorgeAndrew George
04:28 27 Jul 23
Nice store with a lot of variety!
Sarah HussongSarah Hussong
18:34 06 Jul 23
The best! We love this store!!
Gary ElderGary Elder
19:27 03 Jul 23
Sergiy AndryushchenkoSergiy Andryushchenko
18:37 26 Jun 23
Started going here recently for the raw milk (great milk) but they have a lot more to offer, ranging anywhere from vegetables & fruits, meats, frozen produce and a lot more. Highly recommend visiting for yourself.
Rebecca LowndesRebecca Lowndes
19:15 11 May 23
I sent my hubs to pick up some raw milk, but ended up leaving with more. I have yet to visit, but very excited when I am able to because the hubs says it was a fantastic place, with wonderful and helpful staff and comparable market pricing. Judging by what he brought back I'd say he is right.
Bethanie NBethanie N
19:06 10 Feb 23
I really like that this place sells organic and healthy food.(*Edited to 4 stars, instead of 3, and to add:)The manager called and they offered to give the sale prices if I brought my receipt in. They also assured me that the staff had been updated on how the sales work. I have not made it over there yet because of busy schedule with kids, and finding an old receipt is time-consuming, but at least they're trying to improve their service and practices.(Previous Review Below:)I'm not sure if it's because the employees aren't trained very well or if the manager doesn't remind them, but whenever there's a sale on candy or chocolate, or whatever the sale is, it seems like they conveniently forget.Last time I reminded them, the lady ringing us up got really upset. Well, the girl ringing us up this time, again didn't add the sale price, and I didn't want to have to remind them as I had my kids with me, and I can't see the receipt until after I've paid.I'm disappointed because I really used to like this store. They send out emails about their sales and it gets me excited to go to their store, but when I get there, even though the signs are up, the employees seem to be blind or forgetful.It's kind of frustrating.
Erik KirbyErik Kirby
06:59 01 Feb 23
Fantastic place for food that isn't poison. All the reviews questioning the prices are economically illiterate. I wish the milk was in glass containers, but I understand the financial strain of doing so
Christa BedwinChrista Bedwin
05:02 03 Jan 23
I was driving from Arizona to Nova Scotia and am so delighted that I happened upon this magical spot on my trip. If I was a local I’d shopHere all the time. Such great vibes! Amazing selection of natural and local products and happy friendly staff members. One of my favourite stops in the whole 7000 km trip.
Fix Your PostureFix Your Posture
15:34 27 Sep 22
First, I have been coming here for a few years. It is a bit over priced but if you need an onion on your way home, farm fresh eggs or something natural-it works.They seem friendly but EVERYTIME Im in there I notice the differences in how customers are treated.Today will be the last time in this store. It is "customer appreciation week". Hhmmm so I was told twice in the 2 minutes I was in there about how I could save 20% off of a salt lamp lol but guess which customers were offered a chance of pulling something out of a bowl and which ones weren't?I have no idea what the drawing was for or what the prizes were because welp, I wasn't asked to participate.They only appreciate SOME customers!Just put a sign on the door that says, "whites only". 🤷🏾‍♀️
Our family has been using Belue as our main grocery store for almost 2 years now. We prefer to support local and organic goods. This store has been a joy to have in our lives. The staff is always helpful and kind and the range of products they offer is always extensive, so we are constantly trying new things!Our family is moving from the area, so we made our last trip there today and I literally had tears in my eyes when we left because I truly am going to miss this place. It is rare to find a place like this these days, so you must give them a visit!I appreciate everything they have provided for us in our time here and I can only hope this review brings them all of the business they deserve 🙂
Linda MorelandLinda Moreland
04:00 22 Jul 22
This is a great open air produce store that also carries health and wellness products including CBD oil and vitamins. In season vegetables and peaches 🍑 and apples. You can get hand dipped ice cream here, t shirts 👕 and totes.Meat, raw milk and artisan cheeses also. Open 9 to 6. Closed on Sundays. Handicap accessible and parking. Friendly local staff. Not far from Spartanburg in Boiling Springs.Reasonable prices on in season produce. Well worth the trip.
Brunette OneBrunette One
19:36 26 May 22
I read about this place on social media so I gave it a try. As with many things related to the name Belue, I wasn't impressed. The review below is very accurate when someone stated the staff never smiles. They greeted me and that was it. I waited 5 minutes to order a scoop of ice cream but the young lady kept her back turned to me the whole time. The prices are beyond ridiculous and the organic lettuce was brown. Not very fresh. I'll stick with Ingles who has local fruits and veggies or Strawberry Hill.My three trips in one: first, only, and last. Don't reply back with the words inflation. Nobody is this high priced.
Emily VakaryukEmily Vakaryuk
18:56 13 May 22
Plastic containers for raw milk. Glass would be much better. Most of their produce is not local. I thought that they grew a lot of the produce that was there but they don’t. Many of the items you can find a normal grocery store for much less.Also the staff literally NEVER smiles. Generally helpful, but it’s like they’re all in a horrible mood every single time I come in each week. Multiple times I’ve seen young children and their grandparents come to get ice cream and the staff looks miserable helping them. Very odd and unsettling.But it’s nice to have a health food store that’s expanding in the area so I’m giving it three stars. The vibe of the store overall is so nice and the young women working there are not so much...If you stop in I suggest the raw milk (again it plastic but better than nothing) and sourdough bread(actually made locally)
Samuel YoderSamuel Yoder
16:18 16 Feb 22
This store has a little bit of everything and delicious Raw milk.
Ashley MesserAshley Messer
12:27 13 Nov 21
A hidden gem for sure. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I started working in this area a few months ago and passed it a few times before I finally decided to stop in and I was not disappointed! I try to stop in at least once a week now to grab a few things.
Anna MuncieAnna Muncie
22:29 04 Aug 21
Great place! And so friendly!!! They even put in a specialty order for me!! Called me when it arrived and held it back for me. Now that is great customer service!!! Definitely will be back and will be highly recommending to people!
Iriah LittlejohnIriah Littlejohn
21:24 12 Oct 20
They have the best pumpkins I’ve ever saw
Ted LippertTed Lippert
11:26 09 Oct 20
So thankful for this place! The kindest people and amazing products! 5 stars without a doubt!
JoAnn MillerJoAnn Miller
15:32 01 Sep 20
Go in now at least twice a week. The most healthy and unusual foods that turn out to be delicious. Go to browse and stay awhile. It's an amazing jewel of a store.

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