Our Roots Run Deep

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In 1955, James and Betty Belue ventured into farming with 45 acres of peach trees and a packing shed. Ten years later, they moved their packing business to Parris Bridge Road, sold peaches fresh from the fields, and the rest is, as they say, history. Today, Belue Farms raises fruit, vegetables, cattle and grain, and sits adjacent to Belue Farms Natural Market which specializes in local, natural and organic foods.

Working in harmony with nature, Belue Farms takes pride in sustainable farming practices. This begins with high-quality soil and water to sustain no-till farming which protects the environment and yields healthier harvests. Because seeds are planted directly over the remnants of the previous year’s crop, without plowing, no-till farming minimizes soil erosion and reduces energy demands. In addition, the farm recycles manure from its pasture for a natural fertilizer. This attention to detail has earned Belue Farms a stellar reputation for producing exceptional grass-fed Angus beef and flavorful produce.