Food Storage Guide


People often ask us about the freezer shelf life of various foods. The following chart outlines the maximum amount of time that foods should be frozen before being cooked or discarded. Also, to keep frozen foods fresher longer, make sure your freezer temperature is between 0 and -5 degrees. An inexpensive refrigerator/freezer thermometer (available at Belue Farms Natural Foods Market) can verify the temperature for you.

Food Months in Freezer
Breads 2-3
Cakes and pies 4-6
Butter 9-12
Cheese 4-6
Eggs (uncooked whites only) 9-12
Ice cream 1-2
Bacon and sausage 1
Beef 6-9
Chicken 6-12
Fish, fatty (i.e., salmon) 2-3
Fish, lean (i.e., flounder) 4-6
Ground beef 3-4
Pork chops, roasts 4-6
Shellfish 3-4
Smoked ham 1-2
Turkey 3-4
Fresh fruit 8-12
Tomatoes 3-4
Vegetables 8-12