Naturally Lean Grass-fed Beef

In addition to stocking individual cuts of Belue Farms’ grass-fed Angus beef at our store in Boiling Springs, we sell whole and half beef year-round. Our pasture-grazed cattle thrive in naturally humane, sustainable conditions for beef with significant health benefits.

  • Up to 50% less fat than beef raised on a feed lot
  • Up to 400% more vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthier heart
  • Up to five times higher conjugated linoleic acid which can lower cancer risks

Dressed Weight

Belue Farms Angus beef is priced by dressed (or hanging) weight, meaning you pay for beef – not waste. Total hanging weight generally ranges from 550 to 600 pounds for whole beef or 275 to 300 pounds for half beef. (Our processor will provide a final weight estimate and planning sheet for choices and cuts.) All beef is processed locally by a USDA, federally inspected facility using vacuum-sealed packaging to keep the meat fresher longer and allow faster, safer thawing.


Our beef is priced by the pound, plus the cost of processing*.

Whole Beef  $3.75 per pound (hanging weight)
Half Beef $3.95 per pound (hanging weight)
Dress fee $65 for whole beef; $35 for half beef
Cubed meat 60 cents extra for each pound over 20 lbs. (whole beef)   OR
60 cents extra for each pound over 10 lbs. (half beef)

*Processing charges vary based on the number of pounds purchased. For an estimate, call 864-578-0446 or send your inquiry to 


To place your order, we require a non-refundable deposit of $900 for whole beef and $600 for half beef. Final payment is due before pick-up at the processor. For more information on ordering whole and half beef, please ask an associate at our store, call 864-578-0446, or email Dawn Griffin at Because we currently do not ship beef purchases, beef cannot be ordered online.

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