Local or Organic?

local or organic?

These days, you hear a lot about local and organic produce. But which is best for you and your family? Actually, both are ideal options, but you should know that the organic label doesn’t always represent a better food choice. Organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and in accordance with organic standards and regulations. However, organic produce often comes from farms (and even other countries) thousands of miles away. So while it may be a healthy option, it might not be the freshest food you can buy.

Local produce has been grown on a farm close to where you live. So in most cases, you’re getting fresher fruits and vegetables and know exactly how and where your food has been produced. Our affiliate, Belue Farms, for example, uses sustainable farming methods that reduce the amount of chemicals needed. Also, because it requires less transportation and refrigeration, local produce has a lower environmental impact than organic alternatives. Plus, your purchase supports a family farm and local economy – dollars that keep family farms like ours in business.

Next time you’re at Belue Farms Natural Foods Market, ask about the source of our produce or other products. You can also review our list of suppliers online. Empower yourself to know your farm and know your food. If you know what’s good for you. 

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