Press: Past and Present

From time to time, you’ll find us in a local publication, radio or even television. Here are some of the clips you may have missed.

Press Releases

Belue Farms Adds Hops To Its List Of S.C.-grown Products

New Name, New Logo for Belue Farms Natural Foods Market

Harriett Belue Joins Spartanburg Tourism Board

Winter Hay Bale Contest Announced

News Clips

Belue Farms Growing Hops

Upstate Farmers Happy To See Recent Rainfall

SC Drought Tests Farmers Resourcefulness

Store Announces New Name, New Logo

Weekend Cold Snap Could Damage Peach Crop

ASAP Local Food Guide

Winter 2015 Hay Bale Design Contest

New School Shares Bond with Belue Farms

Media Clips

Zagat Visits Our Peach Orchard

Growing Hops At Belue Farms

Locally grown hops transform beer in the Upstate.

Local Peach Report

Winter Hay Bale Twitter Report