Our Farming Methods

How do we ensure superb produce year after year? By treating the land, our crops, and our employees with the respect each deserves.

Careful Planting

Long before a peach orchard can be harvested, it begins with saplings, nurtured and pruned to ensure healthy trees with generous branches. Four years later, peaches are ready to harvest, and each tree yields fruit for up to 15 years. While strawberries don’t take as long to grow and blossom, they, too, must be carefully monitored throughout the year. Our strawberry plants are planted annually, mid- to late September, on mounds of earth covered with plastic to retain vital moisture. By April, strawberries are ripe for picking.

Timely Harvests

To ensure superior flavor, Belue Farms’ peaches are picked at their peak of ripeness, from June through early September. During harvest season, more than 50 employees help pick and maintain our produce, so our market always stocks the freshest selections. We harvest strawberries from mid-April through the late May, and berries are picked daily.

Sustainably Green

Because our business relies on the Earth, we take great care to ensure our farming practices remain as green as our crops. This begins with high-quality soil and water to sustain no-till farming. No-till farming not only protects the environment, but yields healthier harvests. Because seeds are planted directly over the remnants of the previous year’s crop, without plowing, no-till farming minimizes soil erosion and reduces energy demands. We also recycle manure from our cow pasture for a natural fertilizer.

Straight from the Farm: “No-till methods changed the way that I look at farming. It requires me to think and plan ahead, but in the end, it really saves time and money. So it’s a win-win situation for us and for our customers.” – Mike Belue

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