Sustainable Farming for a Greener Planet

sustainable farming

One of the things that makes Belue Farms Natural Foods Market unique is we actually operate our own family farm, aptly named Belue Farms. That means our farm-fresh fruit and vegetables were often picked just hours before we stock them in our Market.

As a local food supplier, Belue Farms feels indebted to both the land and the Boiling Springs community we call home. To keep our farm as green as our crops, we employ sustainable farming methods that minimize our impact on the environment. For example, by using no-till farming (i.e., planting directly over last year’s crops), we reduce soil erosion and energy usage. Thanks to our cows, we have natural fertilizer for our harvest.

Sustainability assures fair wages for workers, humane treatment of livestock, and food that requires less transportation and refrigeration to reach each family’s table. Shortened transportation also helps food retain its natural vitamins, reduces spoilage, and decreases fuel demand– savings that translate into healthier food at a lower cost. Sure, sustainable farming requires more thought and planning. But we think our customers, our planet and our future are worth the extra effort.

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