Whole or Half Grass-Fed Angus Beef

Belue Farms grass-fed angus beef

This page is for information only and in-store orders. Because we do not ship beef purchases, beef cannot be ordered online.

In addition to stocking individual cuts of our own grass-fed Angus beef at Belue Farms Natural Foods Market in Boiling Springs, we sell whole and half beef year-round. Our pasture-grazed cattle thrive in naturally humane, sustainable conditions for beef with significant health benefits.

  • Up to 50% less fat than beef raised on a feed lot
  • Up to 400% more vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthier heart
  • Up to five times higher conjugated linoleic acid which can lower cancer risks

Dressed Weight

Belue Farms’ Angus beef is priced by dressed (or hanging) weight, meaning you pay for beef – not waste. Total hanging weight generally ranges from 550 to 600 pounds for whole beef or 275 to 300 pounds for half beef. (Our processor will provide a final weight estimate and planning sheet for choices and cuts.) All beef is processed locally by a USDA, federally inspected facility using vacuum-sealed packaging to keep the meat fresher longer and allow faster, safer thawing.


Our beef is priced by the pound, plus the cost of processing*.   
Whole beef $3.75 per pound (hanging weight)      
Half beef $3.95 per pound (hanging weight)
Dress fee $65 for whole beef; $35 for half beef
Cubed meat 60 cents extra for each pound over 20 lbs. (whole beef) OR
60 cents extra for each pound over 10 lbs. (half beef)    
Processing charges vary based on the number of pounds purchased. For an estimate, call 864-578-0446 or send your inquiry to info@beluefarms.com.


To place your order, we require a non-refundable deposit of $900 for whole beef and $600 for half beef. Final payment is due before pick-up at the processor. For more information on ordering whole and half beef, please call our store at 864-578-0446 or email Dawn Griffin at info@beluefarms.com.

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