Why Buy Local?

local radishes

Locally grown food is just as it sounds – food grown close to where you live. When you purchase fruit and vegetables in a typical supermarket, the produce has been picked days, even weeks earlier and shipped hundreds of miles to the shelf. In contrast, local foods have been just picked (or prepared) so they’re at the peak of flavor and retain more nutrients.

In most cases, locally grown food comes from a family farm. For example, Belue Farms Natural Foods Market offers a wide array of South Carolina-grown, farm-fresh vegetables, fruit, local honey, and even grass-fed Angus beef. Food produced on a family farm offers an array of health and environmental benefits.

  • Fresher quality and better taste with less refrigeration
  • Personal knowledge of the farm and its varieties, quality and farming practices
  • Longer shelf life for less spoilage and deterioration of nutrients
  • More produce options, including heirloom varieties and foods native to the region
  • Natural immunities found in local foods such as honey
  • Less environmental impact due to lower energy and transportation costs
  • Less packaging and preservatives needed to keep food fresh during transport
  • Higher contribution to local businesses and the local economy

With the continuation of urban sprawl and climate changes that make farming challenging, family farms may one day be a thing of the past. So be sure to support you local farms, purchase local products, and enjoy every bite.

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