Peaches Shipped Nationwide

peaches shipped nationwide

For more than 60 years, we’ve been known for our Belue Farms peaches, so we love sharing them with others. Our fresh peach gift boxes are now available for shipping. Each box includes 20 hand-selected peaches, nestled in foam in a unique keepsake box that can be used later to store collectibles or ornaments. Each peach gift box sells for $38, plus shipping cost.

NOTE: Peaches can be shipped anywhere in the United States with the exception of California, Arizona and Hawaii due to state laws.  

Placing Orders 

To order a peach gift box, complete the form below or call 864-578-0446. To ensure peaches arrive at their best, we only ship peach gift boxes Monday through Wednesday. Orders received after 10:00 am EST on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.  

Before placing an order, we suggest that you review Peach Tips and Shipping Charges below.

Fresh Peach Tips

At Belue Farms Natural Market, we strive to consistently provide the freshest, most perfect peaches available. Because our peaches are picked at their ideal ripeness, when you purchase peaches at our store or receive them in a gift box, please store them in the refrigerator as soon as possible. 

On occasion, Mother Nature splits the seed of a peach, causing the pit to break and cling to the fruit. While we take great care to cull these peaches from our stock, sometimes we miss one or two. Fortunately, this condition will not affect the flavor of a peach, so it remains sweet and delicious. Simply cut away the affected area, and enjoy your bounty!

Shipping Charges 

Belue Farms Natural Foods Market ships all peach gift boxes via UPS. Standard UPS 2-day ground delivery is $20 per box per box of peaches. If shipping requires more than two days and/or the order needs to be shipped by air, shipping charges will be calculated separately. For more information, call 864-578-0446.