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Don’t Cry Over Sour Milk

closeup on stream of milk pouring into container

Unlike pasteurized milk, when raw milk sours it has not spoiled. Instead, it has clabbered meaning healthy bacteria have consumed the milk’s lactose (sugar), leaving it with a sour taste. However, clabbered raw milk still offers healthy benefits so here are 15 ways you can use every drop.

    1. Make a smoothie, pudding, or egg dishes.
    2. Make your own kefir or yogurt.
    3. Add it to buttermilk biscuits or pancakes.
    4. Marinate chicken or fish in it.
    5. Remove the sour cream off the top for recipes.
    6. Use it for lighter cakes and breads.
    7. Make natural ricotta or cottage cheese.
    8. Make your own cream cheese.
    9. Strain it for natural whey.
    10. Add buttermilk cultures and make buttermilk.
    11. Soak grains in it to boost grain’s natural protein.
    12. Freeze it as cubes for an emergency substitute for buttermilk in recipes.
    13. Condition your hair and skin with it.
    14. Use it to relieve sun burns or dry skin patches.
    15. Polish silver with it.

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