What’s In Store

Whether our bounty grows locally or is supplied by the nation’s best natural brands, you can always rely on the freshest, healthiest foods at Belue Farms Natural Market. Because we stock seasonally fresh food and constantly add new products, stop by often. Have a taste for something we don’t carry? Let us know, and we may add it to our stock.

Seasonal and Organic Produce
Strawberries and blueberriesPeaches
Apples and citrus fruitWatermelons
Cantaloupes*Sweet onions*
Lettuce and greensPotatoes (assorted varieties)
Sweet potatoesTomatoes
Amber and red beetsPeppers
CucumbersSweet corn*
Squash and zucchiniWinter squash (assorted varieties)
Pumpkins Hops*
*Grown by Belue Farms in season
Meats and Fish
Grass-fed Angus beef*
Free-range chicken and turkey
Pastured porkPork sausage, chorizo, brats and bacon
Wild-caught seafood and fish
Milky Way raw cow’s milkRaw goat’s milk
Pastured chicken, duck and quail eggs Amish butter (made from fresh cream)
Grass-fed and artisan butterArtisan cheeses
Clemson Blue CheeseLocal pimento cheese
Raw milk cheeseGrass-fed cheese
Cultured yogurt, sour cream and cream cheeseCultures for buttermilk, yogurt and cream cheese
Baked Goods and Grains
Organic sprouted wheat breads, buns, cereals and riceGluten-free breads, buns and bagels
Ready to bake, frozen quiches and side dishesGrains, nuts and seeds
Stone-milled grits Stone-ground mixes
Stone-ground artisan par-baked pizza crust
Local, raw and flavored honey Frozen meats, vegetables, side dishes and baked goods
Coffee and tea Coconut water and pressed cider
Standard and gluten-free flours and baking productsFermented veggies, sauerkraut and kimchi
Jams, jellies and preservesNuts and seeds
Assorted nut and seed buttersChow chows and relishes
Fruit salsasCold-pressed olive oils and vinegars
Coconut and avocado oilsCondiments, sauces, dressings and marinades
Assorted picklesFruit and maple syrups
Dried and canned beansNoodles and pasta (including gluten-free)
Organic flours, seasonings, sauces and condimentsSnack and health bars
Assorted jerky and snacksCookies, crackers and chips (including gluten-free)
Healthy Home
Natural, locally made soaps, lotions and balmsNatural shampoo and body wash (for pets too!)
Natural deodorant and toothpasteEssential oils and diffusers
Spa products and giftsNatural household cleaners
Kitchen tools and gadgetsCooking and healthy living books
Himalayan salt crystals and lampsBaskets and tote bags
Soy candlesCards
T-shirtsScarves and accessories
Handcrafted gemstone jewelryShungite cell phone EMF protectors
Custom-made gift baskets
Nutrition and Wellness
Paleo, GAPS, Whole30 foodsHerbal supplements and teas
Tonics and wellness supplementsKombucha and probiotic kraut
Kefir and culturesMagnesium products
Yoder’s, Gaia Herbs and other supplements
CBD hemp oil
Special Treats
Organic chocolate and candies
Hand-dipped ice cream
Assorted cold beveragesSnacks and protein bars