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What’s In Store

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Whether our bounty grows locally or is supplied by the region’s best natural brands, you can always rely on the freshest, healthiest foods at Belue Farms Natural Market. Because we stock seasonally fresh food and constantly add new products, we encourage you to stop by often. Have a taste for something we don’t carry? Let us know, and we may add it to our inventory.

Baked Goods and Grains
Gluten-free breads, buns, and bagelsQuinoa, rice, and barley
Nosh artisan breadsPies and desserts
Nuts and seedsReady-to-bake frozen quiches and side dishes
Organic and sprouted cerealsStone-ground baking mixes
Organic, sprouted wheat breads and bunsStone-milled grits
Pizza crustWhole grains

Amish butterLocal pimento cheese
Artisan, raw and grass-fed cheeseKefir grains and cultures
Clemson Blue CheeseMilky Way Farm raw cow’s milk
Cultured yogurt, sour cream and cream cheesePastured eggs (chicken, duck and quail)
Cultures for buttermilk, cream cheese and yogurtPlant-based dairy alternatives
Grass-fed and artisan butterRaw goat’s milk

Healthy Home
Baskets and tote bagsNatural deodorant and toothpaste
Cards and gifts (with free holiday wrap)Natural flea and tick repellent for pets
Collegiate-branded bakewareNatural soaps, lotions and balms
Collegiate games and noveltiesNatural shampoo and body wash (for pets too!)
Cooking and healthy living booksOrganic insect repellents and poison ivy care
Essential oils and diffusersOrganic sunscreen and after sun care products
Games and puzzlesPickling kits
Gemstone jewelrySage bundles
Himalayan salt crystals and lampsScarves and accessories
Household paper productsSelenite wands
Kitchen compostersShungite cell phone EMF protectors
Kitchen tools and gadgetsShungite pyramids
Masontops® lids and kitsSoy and beeswax candles
Natural and cruelty-free household cleanersT-shirts

Meat and Fish
BisonPastured pork and bacon
Free-range and organic chickenRabbit
Free-range and organic turkeySausage, chorizo and brats
Grass-fed Angus beefWild-caught seafood and fish

Nutrition and Wellness
Camu camuKombucha and probiotics
CBD hemp oil (including organic)Lomatium
Clean, Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 foodsOscilloccoccinum
Tonics and wellness supplementsMental clarity boosters
Cleanses and tonics
Natural and cruelty-free beauty products
Collagen powderNutritional supplements
Colloidal silverProbiotics
Elderberry syrup and tabletsSaline rinses and sprays
Herbal supplements and teasVitamins and minerals
Immune-boosting productsZinc

Pantry and Freezer Staples
Assorted picklesFermented veggies, sauerkraut, and kimchi
Baby food (natural and organic)Flour (gluten-free, organic, and standard)
Baking products (gluten-free and standard)Frozen baked goods
Canned vegetables and soupsFrozen meats, vegetables and side dishes
Chips (natural and organic)Fruit and maple syrups
Chow chow and relishFruit salsas
Cold-pressed olive oils and vinegarsHoney (local raw and flavored)
Coconut and avocado oilsJams, jellies and preserves
Coconut water and pressed ciderJerky (assorted varieties)
Cold-pressed olive oil and vinegarNoodles and pasta (including gluten-free)
Condiments and sauces (organic and standard)Nuts and seeds
Cookies and crackers (including gluten-free)Seasonings (natural and organic)
Dressings and marinadesSnacks and snack bars
Dried and canned beans

Seasonal and Organic Produce
Apples (assorted varieties)Lettuce and greens
AsparagusPeaches and plums
Beans (assorted varieties)Peppers
BroccoliPotatoes (assorted varieties)
Brussels sproutsPumpkins
Cantaloupe and watermelonScallions
Carrots and parsnipsStrawberries
CherriesSweet corn
Citrus fruitSweet onions
CucumbersSweet potatoes
Fresh herbsTomatoes
Ginger and turmeric rootTurnips
GrapesWinter squash (assorted varieties)
KiwiYellow squash and zucchini

Special Treats
Assorted cold beveragesHand-dipped ice cream
Assorted jerkyOrganic chocolate and candies
Gluten-free and keto snacksSnacks and protein bars

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