Best Milk in the Galaxy

Milky Way Farm raw milk

If you’ve never had a glass of Milky Way Farm Raw Milk, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Milky Way Farm grade A raw milk is the only raw cow’s milk we carry because it comes entirely from pasture-grazed Jersey cows. Jersey raw milk offers 20% more protein and calcium than other milk, plus offers natural lactobacilli bacteria so most lactose-intolerant people can drink it.

Thanks to a unique rapid chilling process, Milky Way Farm raw milk stays fresh for up to four weeks in a refrigerator chilled to a minimum 40°. In addition to the SC Health Department required tests for bacteria, tuberculosis and Brucellosis, Milky Way Farm tests its milk annually for Johnes disease to assure the farm offers the healthiest raw milk you can buy. For more information on the benefits of raw milk, see our article: The Raw Truth about Raw Milk.