Belue Farms Peach Calendar

Each year Belue Farms grows a wide variety of cling and freestone peaches and nectarines. Here’s a peek at this year’s varieties and expected availability.

FlavorichLate Mayyellow nectarine
DerbyLate Mayyellow peach
June GoldJuneyellow peach
Ruby PrinceJuneyellow peach
GalaJuneyellow peach
BradleyJunewhite nectarine
White RockJunewhite peach
HarvesterJune yellow peach
FlavorcrestJune yellow peach
White LadyJune white peach
White NectarJuly white peach
Red GlobeJuly yellow peach
Red GoldJuly yellow nectarine
CresthavenJulyyellow peach
July PrinceJuly yellow peach
China PearlAugust white peach
MonroeAugust yellow peach
CresthavenAugustyellow peach
O’HenryAugust yellow peach
Flame PrinceAugustyellow peach
Big RedAugustyellow peach
Sunny JSeptember yellow peach
NOTE: Peach arrival dates are approximate. For more information, call 864-578-0446 or email us at

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