Belue Farms Peach Calendar

Each year Belue Farms grows a wide variety of cling and freestone peaches and nectarines. Here’s a peek at this year’s varieties and expected availability.

Late MayFlavor RichYellowPeachClingstone
Early JuneJune GoldYellowPeachClingstone
Early JuneGalaYellowPeachClingstone
Mid-JuneWhite RockWhite PeachClingstone
Mid – late JuneFlavorcrestYellowPeachFreestone
Mid – late JuneHarvesterYellowPeachFreestone
Late June White LadyWhite PeachFreestone
Early JulyWhite NectarWhite PeachFreestone
Early July Red GlobeYellowPeachFreestone
Early July Red GoldYellowNectarineFreestone
Mid-July July PrinceYellowPeachFreestone
Late JulyChina PearlWhitePeachFreestone
Early AugustMonroeYellowPeachFreestone
Early AugustCresthavenYellowPeachFreestone
Early – mid AugustO’HenryYellowPeachFreestone
Mid – late AugustFlame PrinceYellowPeachFreestone
Late AugustBig RedYellowPeachFreestone
Early SeptemberSunny JYellowPeachFreestone
NOTE: Peach arrival dates are approximate. For more information, call 864-578-0446 or email us at

Download our 2020 peach calendar here.

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